Bonsai Scissors

All bonsai tools are shipped FROM AUSTRALIA and have been tested by experts for Australian conditions. 

Some online bonsai tools are sent from overseas (look out for sender's origin and 'worldwide shipping')

Our Australian supply chain means that you are ensured all warranties, guarantees and quality.

HANZO bonsai tools are used by, and are distributed through Australia's leading bonsai nurseries. 

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Hanzo Carbon steel root pruning bonsai scissors 195mm
These pruning scissors are an essential for heaving pruning and repotting of your Bonsai. ..
Hanzo LH JAPANESE Stainless steel pruning bonsai scissors 211mm
These long handled pruning scissors are essential for maintaining your bonsai. They have a..
HANZO JAPANESE Stainless Steel Trimming Scissors  - 201mm
HANZO Bonsai Trimming Scissors are made from High Grade stainless steel. A clean cut is para..
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