Fig Potted Bonsai tree thick trunk
Fig Potted Bonsai tree thick trunk Fig Potted Bonsai tree thick trunk

Fig Potted Bonsai tree thick trunk

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These potted & finished small leaf figs are a rare find! 

Each tree is a unique tree, and comes fully potted in fertilised soil and covered in decorative pebbles.


  • Massive trunks for the tree's size around 6-7cm thick
  • Assorted trees in various 8" pot
  • Fully fertilised and includes care brochure to ensure optimum health
  • Finished with pebbles ready to display now

Your tree will develop incredibly large if placed in a larger pot over time.


Pictures are illustrative. Stock varies dependent on tree development and seasonal variation.

Optional extras are available as shown. You may add:

  • HANZO Carbon Steel Scissors  for $19 (RRP $29)
  • Roll of 100gram bonsai shaping wire (selected for the tree) for $5 (RRP $6.95)
  • Bag of 500gram Bonsai Booster Fertiliser for $6 (RRP $6.95)
  • Bonsai Master figurine (selected randomly from range) for $6 (RRP $9 ea.)


IMPORTANT:Please be advised that due to quarantine restrictions, trees cannot be sent to Western Australia, Tasmania, or New Zealand. If you are in any of these areas and order a tree you will be refunded. BonsaiShop apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

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