One of the questions we are mostly asked by those starting new in Bonsai, is what tools do they need. Bonsai as an art form can be quite mystical & intimidating and the same impression often happens when it comes to tools. Is it ok just to start with scissors, or do you need more than that? Will general tools from around the house do? What steel is best? 

Here we try to help you decide what is right for you, to have the right tools when starting out in Bonsai.

We stock a full range of HANZO Bonsai Tools. HANZO Bonsai Tools are made from high grade JAPANESE Steel. All HANZO tools are recommended by experts, and have been tested for Australian conditions.

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What tools are needed for Bonsai?

Of course, the most basic tool needed for maintaining Bonsai is a quality pair of scissors. If your budget is limited, then this is where you should spend your money. Bonsai scissors help you keep up basic trimming & pruning needs, but will also help cut some small branches all the same. Lastly, they will also be able to help with trimming tree roots during re-potting. This means that just a pair of scissors could cover off three jobs in one! 

For bigger jobs

In saying that, it would also be important to use high quality branch cutters. Although there are also ‘small’ branch cutters for bonsai on sale, 210mm long branch cutters will help cut most branches. As a result, quality branch cutters are one of the most used tools for professionals and those working on their trees every day. This would therefore make them the second most important tool in our opinion. 

Get resourceful

Other tools can often be substituted with what you have around the home. Wire can be cut using regular pliers or sometimes scissors, regular saws can cut larger branches, and a kitchen fork might be used in place of a rake. However, it is when you are doing a high volume of work that using professional bonsai tools such as HANZO is the way to go. Professional Bonsai Tools are designed specifically for bonsai, meaning they will do a precise job & feel comfortable in the hand.  

Our Final List 

So, in summary what is our final priority of tools needed for Bonsai? 

  1. Trimming Scissors/Shears
  2. Branch Cutters (minimum 210mm)
  3. Root Scissors/Shears
  4. Wire Cutters
  5. Combination Tools – Root rakes, spades & tweezers
  6. Knob Cutters
  7. Specialist tools – Jinning tools, branch benders, saws, root hooks & rakes