COVID19 Update from Bonsai Shop Australia

Currently Bonsai Shop is experiencing delays due to a range of factors affecting parcel delivery throughout Australia.


We urge customers to show patience during this busy time. Please read below for further details:

– COVID19 restrictions have created a surge in demand for online services. This has increased the strain on delivery services such as Australia Post to levels usually seen only during peak Christmas periods.
As a result, Post Offices, Sorting Centres & delivery drivers are processing unprecendented volumes.
– As parcels travelling through the country often rely on airlines, the decline of air services has meant that current transportation needs cannot be met. As a result, there has been a compounded strain on these resources.

We encourage customers to show patience during this unusual time. Please continue to monitor tracking to see where your parcel is moving through the network. Although there is the rare occasion where a parcel may be ‘lost’, movement through the network usually means there is no problem & there is simply a delay in either the delivery or updates to tracking.


Tree deliveries:

If you have bought a tree that has been delayed, we would encourage the following:
– ‘Dunk’ your tree up to the top of the pot in water (preferably fertilised seaweed based) right away.
– Place the tree in partial/filtered sunlight for the first five days before moving into full sun
– Monitor the health of your tree, bearing in mind how your species responds to the current cooler conditions. Many trees look bare this time of year as it cools down.
– Contact us if you are unsure or if you have any concerns.


We wish to thank everybody for understanding & patience during this time. Although we understand the issues, it is a great time to spend time at home with loved ones & spend time doing things we love such as working on our trees.


Best Regards,