Pumice Bonsai potting mix substrate 4-7mm (3.5L)


This pumice is used for making your own soil mix. There are many recommendations for mixing your own substrate, and pumice is fast becoming one of the most popular components. Some of the world’s leading artists have even begun publishing their secret mix, meaning you can try your own right at home!

Pumice helps your substrate achieve the perfect amount of water retention, drainage and aeration to ensure the best development for your collection.
Having the right mix in your soil means that you will have the perfect drainage properties required for bonsai.

Supplied by volume, the pumice is supplied in 3.5L bags (approx).

Pumice can be used with potting mix supplied by the experts at Bonsai Shop for all trees, which means you are using the BEST:

Perfect drainage – optimal water amount is retained while excess is drained
Natural compounds – acts just like real soil should & provides natural nutrients
Designed to be used with appropriate supplements (e.g. fertilisers)

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