Bonsai trees in general can be quite complicated to take care of. Thankfully with the amount of information readily available on the Internet today, taking care of a bonsai tree is now within your grasp. Knowing a bit about the basics can help you get started, then help you keep your tree for it to thrive fully.Be prepared to make mistakes, as Bonsai is an intricate and delicate art to master! With this in mind our team here at want to help you get started with your new journey. 

Here are three bonsai care tips to ensure the growth of your tree:

1. Choose the right Bonsai for you

Before buying a sapling or bonsai starter, think and envision exactly what you want your Bonsai tree to be. Depending on how you want it to look, you can direct the growth and styling of your tree best in the early stages of growth.
Knowing also your time restrictions can help with this choice. Pines and Serissa for example, are two highly difficult bonsai saplings to take care of because of all the extra grooming you have to do to maintain them. Juniper is one of the most common bonsai trees and is perfect for first-timers.
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2. Know the appropriate position

When you know what plant you are caring for, you will more likely know the specifics of maintaining it. Bonsai are usually precarious with regard to their intake of sunlight and temperature, so find appropriately lighted spots where you can also easily regulate the amount of light they absorb.
Your bonsai will need a generous amount of sunlight, but intense sunlight and climates can cause your miniature tree to wither and die. Don’t leave them over exposed during the summer, and ensure to protect them during the wintertime. Using shadecloth is particularly useful, so consider purchasing some to help filter sunlight.  

3. Dedicated care at regular times

Bonsai requires a good deal of time and care. This is why it is considered an art form as it is a passion of labour. First try to understand the basic principles of bonsai before committing to them and then regularly taking care of your bonsai. Create a schedule that has enough frequency to maintain care for your tree.
For example, observing the amount of moisture left in the soil can give you a good gauge of when to water it again. Watch out for overwatering however, as it is possible to drown the plant as well. Check your soil moisture every twelve hours, to get a good gauge of when to replenish moisture to the soil.  

Ready to create your own?

Bonsai trees can be quite difficult to grow and maintain, so knowing a bit about the plant you’re caring for can really help it thrive. Ensure to always regulate the amount of sunlight and moisture they receive, as too much could easily kill your plants as much as it can let them grow.If you’re looking for more tips or for the materials to start growing your own tree, then we have everything for you!

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