Green thumbs have a knack for verdant plants that only seem to flourish by the minute; but giving greeneries the tender, love, and care it needs is never as straightforward as it seems. While there are beginner-friendly plants that need little-to-no maintenance, growing beautiful Bonsai trees require some rudimentary knowledge to ensure it blooms to its full potential.

Gardeners who don’t have the backyard space to cater to trees will find Bonsai trees a stunning and indoor-friendly alternative. Just as the moniker suggests, it’s a mini tree that branches out and takes on unique shapes, making it one of the most stunning plants to cultivate.

Here are some simple tips that can ensure your Bonsai tree grows beautifully even under inexperienced hands:

Tip #1: Know the Proper Watering Requirements

Everyone knows that watering plants is a must, but when it comes to Bonsai trees they require specific watering practices. Drowning them in water will only kill the roots and increase the risk of developing root rot, so the right way to do it is to submerge the tree in a basin of water once a week.

Keep an eye on the tree and spot for any rising air bubbles, since it indicates that the Bonsai tree has absorbed enough water. Adding pebbles can ensure the soil remains humid throughout the week, ensuring it maintains an optimal humidity level to boost the tree’s health.

Tip #2: Prune your Bonsai Trees

The next step is to prune the Bonsai to maintain the shape as it grows. Leaving it unattended can result in a wild, shaggy look, so be sure to look for overarching branches that need trimming.

Be sure to use Bonsai clippers to get rid of the dead and crossed branches, then decide which parts you should trim off to achieve your desired shape and design.

Tip #3: Choose the Optimal Soil

The best soil that facilitates the optimal grounds for growing a Bonsai tree should have a good drainage system, all while maintaining reliable water retention. Beginners can opt for specialty soils specifically made for Bonsai trees, though you can mix some soil with small particles to create a path where air can freely circulate.

The Bottom Line: Giving your Bonsai Tree the TLC it Deserves

The tips above should get you started on the right path when caring for your Bonsai tree, but keep in mind that the first factor to consider is the type of tree that suits your environment. The best indoor trees include gardenia, Kingsville boxwood, ficus, serissa, and Hawaiian umbrella trees, while outdoor types like maple, birch, beech, ginkgo, elm, larch, juniper, and cypress trees are among excellent picks for beginners.

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