Have you ever been caught short of the right wire for your tree? Do you just use a different gague, a different colour or some scrap left behind? Making sure you use the right wire at the right time is more important for Bonsai than you might think!

Using an appropriate size wire is important

Too big, and the wire might damage your tree. Too small and the wire most likely won’t do its job. You should use wire that is around 1/3 the thickness of the branch that you are wiring at the thickest part. This means that you can shape the branch, and it will follow the wiring shape without damage to the branch itself. 

For this reason, BonsaiShop sells discount packs of wire rolls. You should always have a range of wires on hand to suit your tree appropriately. 

Starting young is vital

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and it is most definitely difficult trying to train an old branch. It is much easier to plan ahead with your young trees to think about where they will be in two, five & ten years. There is also less to worry about with younger branches, because if something goes wrong its much eaiser to start again. Breaking an old branch on an established tree can be heartbraking!

Coloured wires

Bonsai Wire is best when it is annealed aluminium anodized wire. The processes of annealing and anodizing of aluminium make it flexible in its wire form, and coat the wire to prevent oxidisation – is your school science class flooding back yet? The blacks and browns used in the process of sealing the wire mean that you have options as to what wire you use on your tree. None is better than the other, though black is the more popular wire in Australia. BonsaiShop only sell the best quality Aluminium wire made for Bonsai and recommended by experts. Also, do not use copper because this is poisonous to your tree!

BonsaiShop Community

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This information is just a hint of the detailed lessons found in ”The Art of Bonsai”. A comprehensive ebook available for purchase from BonsaiShop.com.au