Bonsai has been and still is a pastime that many people around the world cherish and enjoy, their majestic yet simple beauty is inspiring and calming at the same time. Ask any long time Bonsai aficionados who will tell you: they are challenging and engaging, while providing a sense of calming and accomplishment.    

 If you’ve decided to start your bonsai tree journey, here are a few tips to get you started on the right path:

1. Take the time to plan

Never rush the process of choosing a tree – and never rush the setting up process either. This is only a recipe for trouble and it’ll likely end in disappointment.

Instead, always take your time to plan, research and understand the principles of the bonsai journey. A bonsai tree is very much a journey rather than a hobby, so it will span over many years and requires patience and dedication. With this in mind, it’s important to plan and understand the art of bonsai; it puts you in the best position to have a rewarding and enjoyable experience. 

2. Choose the right bonsai tree

The next thing you’ll need to do after you plan out how you’ll go about your bonsai hobby, is decide on your preferred bonsai tree.

After completing some initial research, you’ll discover that there are many bonsai trees to choose from. One of the primary factors that you should consider is to always choose a bonsai species that will survive in the climate you live in. Even factors such as time, space, and your personal lifestyle are other contributing aspects which should influence your decision regarding which tree to purchase.

Do as much research as you can initially, that way you will be best prepared to select the right type of bonsai for your given circumstance and localised environment.

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3. Find the right bonsai starter kit

A bonsai starter kit includes the necessary tools, soil, pot and information to allow you to grow your Bonsai.  

A wide variety of kits are available on our website We stock a wide range including Juniper, Chinese elm, Ficus, Fukien Tea and more. Check back often as new stock is always arriving!

All of the above are available in starter kits that include the right accessories to allow you to begin your bonsai journey. We also stock a range of eBooks and hardcover books to provide you on-hand expert advice with your bonsai.

A final note…

Take the time to select the right tree, research the principles of Bonsai and understand your unique situation to select the right tree which will best accommodate your lifestyle and climate.  Not only do you undergo the challenge of growing a tree to its maturity, but you can awe at its beauty as it finally stands, fully-grown in its pot, thanking you for all the care and hard work you’ve put into it.