Although starting with a bonsai kit is a good way to get into the hobby, sometimes you can be clueless or misinformed about general care. You might have all the tools but are still puzzled about what you need to do with them. Luckily for you, all you have to do is keep reading to be rightly informed about basic bonsai care.

Consider this guide as your guru to mastering the art of bonsai care. This is made for beginners who want to find a place when they get different bonsai plants. As the miniature plant helps you feel at peace, take what you can from this guide and cultivate the healthy practice of caring for different bonsai trees.

1. Avoid seeing bonsai trees as mere decorations

Unlike other decorative indoor plants, bonsai trees are not merely something you can leave alone displayed around your house or office. They’re meant to be more enjoyable than that. The hobby is like a more concentrated or reimagined version of gardening. Bonsai trees need your watchful eye and care to blossom into something beautiful.

Use bonsai tree care as a productive time of active rest. This will allow you to refocus your mind and do something productive at the same time. Tend to the needs of your bonsai and take time to admire its tiny branches and leaves. This will help you cultivate a healthy routine around caring for the plant.

2. Maintain its exposure to sunlight

Bonsai plants may often be indoors, but they actually need ample exposure to sunlight to grow. Just as all plants need water, sunlight gives bonsai plants nourishment through the process of photosynthesis. However, you have to note that too much of it can also be damaging.

Consider putting your bonsai in a room with ample sunlight. You can also consider an outdoor space, but make sure to find a spot with enough shade. Also, take note of where the sun rises to account for how much sunlight your bonsai tree takes in each day. This will help it grow strong and healthy.

3. Avoid over-pruning its leaves and branches

As your bonsai tree thrives, you may have to trim some leaves and branches to keep its overall shape under control. Pruning accelerates the growth, as it exposes the inner branches to soak up more sunlight. However, pruning it too much will have the opposite effect.

Just as balance is needed for your bonsai when it comes to sunlight, the same can be said about pruning. Release the urge to over-prune your bonsai and instead turn your attention to its dead branches or leaves. When in doubt about pruning, consult bonsai reading materials to find a viable solution.

4. Use the right bonsai tools for maintenance

When you are committed to bonsai tree care as a hobby, you cannot simply go in without having the necessary tools and accessories to prune branches and adjust wires correctly. That is why you should have the following tools: bonsai scissors, wire pliers, wire cutters, and branch cutters.

To truly prepare for any sort of situation surrounding your bonsai plant, you also need to keep expanding your general knowledge about the various kinds of bonsai trees, the more ideal plants to have around your home, and the like. Don’t forget to invest in good bonsai care books and guides, as they can be valuable tools to enjoy bonsai tree care as a hobby or art.


To easily make your way from a bonsai novice to a bonsai care guru, follow all the tips we mentioned and enjoy the art today!

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