Gifts for Any Time of Year

Are you looking for a great, unique gift that is perfect year round? Then you’re on the right track because Bonsai is non-seasonal! Sure, spring and summer is a great time for plants, flowers and live gifts – but Bonsai is great for any occasion. Whether it is a Mother’s Day Gift, Father’s Day or a Birthday, there is a Bonsai for all times of year. Flowering Bougainvillea Bonsai and Lavender Star are great during the warmer months, and Deciduous Bonsai and Junipers are perfect in the cold months and winter. 


Delivery of Bonsai Australia Wide

Bonsai trees can be delivered using Australia Post, however a high level of care must be taken. Bonsai Shop ensures that all trees are fully packed, ensuring that soil and pebbles are protected by specialist wrapping. Branches are kept intact using a special method of packing using wraps, foam and single use cardboard packaging. All Bonsai must be watered and fertislised prior to delivery to ensure optimum health. 


Corporate Bonsai Gifts – Enquire HERE

Bonsai is often used to be given as gifts to staff, special clients and business partners – often in bulk. If you work in an office, and are looking for a quantity of Bonsai to give then Bonsai might be the perfect idea. Bonsai Shop is often requested to customise gifts of Bonsai – from as little as ten trees up to hundreds! It takes time to prepare special orders, so it is best to be organised ahead of time. Why not consider a package next time you want to thank staff or your best clients? 


The lasting Gift

Bonsai is unlike flowers (they aren’t destined to die!). Bonsai is unlike branded merchandise – it stands out! Maybe its time to forget the pens & golf tees? Bonsai is memorable. Bonsai supplied by Bonsai Shop comes complete with a care brochure, helping the recipient take optimum care of their tree. You can spoil someone with a gift that they will never get from anywhere else!


Don’t know what to buy?

Give the gift of Bonsai with a gift card from Bonsai Shop. We don’t all know what to get someone, especially when they have a hobby foreign to us. Add a personal message, and send a Bonsai gift instantly to any recipient from anywhere in the world. Enables the recipient to purchase their own Bonsai trees, pots, tools and accessories direct from Bonsai Shop.