A Bonsai tree can grow with thick branches, extensive root systems, and full foliage.Aesthetics aside, you should always anticipate the growth of your Bonsai when deciding on which pot to use; whether you’re growing or repotting one. By following some simple steps, it will be easier to choose the appropriate pot for your tree. Read on to find out more……. 

Do you want to know which is the right pot for your Bonsai?Here are some guides you can follow when choosing the right pot for your bonsai tree:

When choosing a pot size

Always leave enough room for the roots of your tree. When the vital roots are cramped in a small space, your tree can’t draw necessary nutrients and moisture from its soil properly, which will negatively affect the health of your tree. Also, bear in mind that the size of your pot can also affect the growth of your Bonsai above the soil. A bonsai tree can grow much taller if it has ample space to do so.

Next when choosing a pot, you need to consider both the length and width of the pot relative to the length and width of your bonsai tree.
Ideally, the length of your pot should be two-thirds of the height of your bonsai. For trees that have a wider width than its length, the pot length should be two-thirds of the width of the bonsai’s spread as well.

When it comes to the width, also make sure that the longest branches on both sides of your tree extend a little further from the edges of its pot. This is a generally accepted style ‘rule’ for Bonsai. 

Lastly, you can consider a larger size pot during summer when there is extreme heat. This helps avoid your Bonsai tree from getting dry.

When choosing a pot style

One thing that you want to give your bonsai tree, is a good pot that will flatter its beauty. Finding the right pot that complements your tree is not only pleasing to the eye, but it also allows you to get creative when designing its landscape with gorgeous bonsai accessories.

Bonsai trees that grow upright look just fine with a low profile pot. Meanwhile, an off-centre bonsai will work best in a larger pot; especially if you would like to create a miniature landscape around it.  Also consider some other guidelines when choosing a pot according to its trunk style: 

  • Straight trunk bonsai. To give balance and elegance to your bonsai tree, always pair it with a similar-looking pot. In this case, use rectangular pots to complement the trunk of your bonsai. 
  • Curved or soft-lined trunk bonsai. For these types of bonsai trees, pots that are round, oval, or cornered will look best. Additionally, for rugged-looking trees, you may consider using pots with hard angles or rustic clay.  


Like any other plant, your bonsai tree needs regular watering, fertilising, and repotting to keep it healthy and growing. The type of pot you use can affect the growth of your tree as well. So make sure that you’re giving your tree the best care and space to grow properly.
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