Because your bonsai needs different care at different times of the year, it is important to know what to do and when. Every garden expert understands the seasons that their plants go through, and how each species responds to different conditions. This is even more important to bonsai. Get to know how to understand weather patterns, continue to monitor short and long term forecasts, and know each of your individual tree’s needs. Here we will try to help you understand some general principles, as Australia moves out of Autumn. 


All of the signs your tree is showing such as slowing water absorbtion and losing of leaves shows that watering frequency can reduce. You should monitor your tree closely to see how it is coping with changes in season. Put your finger in the soil to see how quickly water is being absorbed. During this time, your tree will still also retain any nutrients you can supply. Keep fertilising, because your tree is looking to flourish in the spring time, and this time allows that to happen. Look to use a fertiliser with high potassium and phosphorous. Once winter has set in, you might reduce or cease fertilisation. Pruning should be mostly avoided in the cooler months. 

Wiring and shaping

Wiring during autumn should be done with caution, due to the trees development. Because your tree’s branches and trunks will be growing and expanding, wire may damage the tree. In winter however, wiring may be more appropriate because the tree is dormant. You can also work with brances with ease while there is an absence of leaves and flowers. 

Presentation during cooler months

How does your tree look during the middle of the year? Just because your tree is not in full bloom, it can still be a beautiful piece of art. A pot suitable to the Autumn season might help give a dramatic effect to your tree. You might like to also use some softer or earthier coloured pebbles, perhaps even leaving some of the fallen leaves around the base of the tree as would occur in nature. The landscapes you can create are endless!

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