Living in urban places can sometimes feel suffocating and stressful. If you want to get relief from the hustle and bustle of the city, add some beauty and comfort to your home, and consider growing a bonsai tree. The presence of this plant in your house can help you connect with nature and teach you to slow down as you live your modern lifestyle.

Bonsai is considered an ever-changing art form; it can relieve stress and encourage you to channel your energies into gardening. The tree also constantly responds to its environment and the way you care for it, so it can encourage you to channel positive emotions and thoughts. 

If you decide to start caring for bonsai, note that some tree species are certainly easier to grow than others. Here are some bonsai trees that are best suited for beginner gardeners like you:

1. Chinese Elm

Chinese Elm is one of the most popular bonsai trees among beginners. It is a semi-evergreen tree characterised by naturally small leaves and can be cultivated as a miniature and grows indoors or outdoors. It is an ideal choice for those just starting out because it is slow-growing, very easy to prune, and has a highly predictable growth pattern. By having this type of tree, you can get a plant that is easy to grow without spending too much.

2. Ficus

The Ficus is an excellent choice If you want to grow bonsai trees indoors. It is a tropical tree that sometimes has aerial roots growing from its trunk. It also grows well indoors in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight and is easy to shape with a wire as its branches bend easily. Best of all, it can easily survive even if you forget to water it. Note that it does not withstand frosty conditions and requires a lot of light, so make sure to avoid placing it in a shady location.

3. Juniper

A Juniper bonsai tree is an evergreen tree with scale-like foliage. It also grows in small cells, so instead of leaves, it has little green segments. It is also considered the easiest bonsai tree to grow because it is versatile and durable in the sunlight. Unlike other bonsai, it can be raised either outdoors or indoors, depending on your preference. It can thrive in any condition as long as it has the right amount of light and humidity.

4. Portulacaria Afra

Portulacaria Afra, also known as elephant plant or small leaf jade, is an evergreen succulent that has small oval leaves. It naturally grows in hot climates, so you can place it outdoors in full sunlight or indoors with sufficient light. Almost anyone can grow this bonsai because it can tolerate various growing conditions and can withstand long periods without water. 

5. Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster is an evergreen shrub with small, dark green leaves and red berries. It is easy to care for when you place it in a good location, preferably indoors. It also responds well to pruning as it puts out new shoots when you prune branches back. 


A bonsai is more than just a tiny tree. As you welcome its company and learn how to take good care of it, this plant can help calm you down and bring serenity to your life. Get started with this rewarding hobby by looking around for bonsai trees for sale and considering the types of trees listed above. You can also buy our bonsai kits to conveniently acquire all the items perfect for beginners, including a bonsai tree starter, bonsai pot, tools, wire, and more.

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