If you want to have the perfect bonsai, you need an appropriately sized tree and pot. It’s about finding the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. Unfortunately, most gardeners of different skill levels have yet to master this hidden art. Due to this, they end up with dying bonsai and wasted resources. Luckily for you, there are ways around this. Feel free to use this article as your guide to honing your bonsai tree potting skills.

1. Know the difference between masculine and feminine qualities in a bonsai tree 

Since the bonsai planting practice has been around for a long time, most gardeners adhere to the traditional terminology of masculine and feminine qualities. You also need to learn this since it will help you know which sex is more dominant with each tree. This way, you can decide what pot goes well to complement the tree. 

For instance, some qualities, like curves, smooth bark, and gracefully interwoven roots can mean your bonsai tree is feminine. On the other hand, trees that are sturdy, have old bark, dead wood, and simple roots are more on the masculine side. 

Since these traits are often hard to detect in a tree and can be vague at times, you need to practice them until you have a better grip on determining qualities. That’s when you can make the perfect match between a tree and a pot to make a wonderful bonsai. 

For your convenience, you can consider purchasing our bulk buy option for bonsai pots. Doing this can help you apply what you learn about the masculine and feminine aspects of a bonsai plant and give you the chance to display your finished product proudly. 

2. Note the tree’s size and ensure it’s a seamless fit in your chosen pot 

You should never underestimate your bonsai tree’ size, or you may risk seeing it fall over from its pot because it’s overweight and not proportioned appropriately. Ideally, the general rule is your pot should be at the same height as the trunk and is wide enough just above the nebari. For example, oval and rectangular pots are often two-thirds of the trees’ height, while square and circular pots are only one-third the size.

3. Explore your bonsai pot options by browsing through other gardener’s works

Bonsai planting with different pots can give you the opportunity to explore your creativity since you have the liberty to go out of the box and select different options. You can even disregard the masculine and feminine ideals of most traditional bonsai gardeners and enthusiasts. However, before you can embark on this wonderful hobby with your own aesthetics in mind, you need to learn from others. Doing this will give you the background you need to perfect the art of bonsai potting. 

For instance, if you purchase The Art of Bonsai, you can read more about different pots and the foundations of potting. You can also see how various pot-and-tree pairings are made, and you can also browse through others on the Internet and in nearby bonsai gardens. As a result, you can become a better bonsai hobbyist. 


Knowing bonsai pots is a must for every dedicated individual learning its ideals in traditional gardening. Now that you have some working knowledge to guide you, consider purchasing your essentials, like bonsai starter kits and accessories. Don’t forget to also put the tips mentioned above to good use! 
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