There’s a gardening craze all over the world these days. People are now engaged with growing various kinds of garden plants, including bonsai. You might already be a bonsai lover and have several bonsai trees at home. Or, you are someone who’s beginning to be allured by the wonders of this kind of plant. Whichever you are, you must have the essential bonsai tools to maintain bonsai plants.

1. Bamboo Chopsticks

Yes, you read it right. Bamboo chopsticks are one of the excellent bonsai tools that you should have. When repotting a bonsai tree, chopsticks will gently remove the soil from the plant’s roots. They can also be used to gauge when you’re overwatering or underwatering the bonsai tree, which are both no-nos. 

Watering bonsai trees can be tricky since the process is not similar to watering normal houseplants. Thankfully, bamboo chopsticks can tell you if you’re watering the plant the wrong way. 

Place the chopstick in the soil. Check the chopstick by pulling it out several times a day when the temperature is warm. When you notice that the part of the chopstick near the soil begins to dry out, then you should water the plant. However, do not wait for the soil to dry out completely before watering your bonsai tree.

2. Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are another essential tool you should get to take care of your bonsai plants. Choose shears that are nice and sharp.

There are different types of shears that you need to know to find the best one:

Based on Materials

  • Carbon steel: cheaper, susceptible to rust, dark or black in appearance, silver blade and needs occasional sharpening
  • Stainless steel: pricier, better looking, silver blade, remains sharp longer

Based on Shape

Butterfly bonsai shears: contains looped and large handles, great in trimming the tree’s outside canopy, often used for root trimming

Slim shears: the blade is further from the blade, have smaller handles allowing it to reach deeper in the tree, recommended for beginners

3. Concave Branch Cutters

Part of bonsai design is removing the branches. If you prefer to remove an entire branch, your goal should leave the tree in a condition where it can heal completely. To do that, you will need a special tool known as a concave branch cutter, another essential every bonsai lover should have.

What sets it apart from bonsai shears? A concave branch cutter will effectively cut the branch at its base, leaving a wound that will heal faster and naturally. These types of cutters create a slight indentation on the area where the branch is removed. As the tree continues to heal, scarring will occur.

You can also use concave cutters to get rid of the tree knobs with a lower risk of damaging the tree.

Finally, the concave shape provides more strength compared to cutters with a straight blade. This will allow you to cut even thicker branches than when using shears.


Every gardening enthusiast indeed aims to give the best care for their plants. To achieve that with your bonsai plants, make sure to have the essential bonsai tools. They will help in the proper watering, pruning, trimming and design of your bonsai trees. Buy quality tools from reputable stores like Bonsai Shop in Australia.
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