If you wish to expand your plant collection and you’re thinking of taking care of a tree, but you don’t see yourself waiting forever for one to grow in your yard, you could opt for bonsai trees. They are a miniature version of a tree and are easier to grow because you can keep them in pots instead.

Unfortunately, beginners tend to come across problems when watching over their bonsai. As a result, after a few weeks have passed, their bonsai trees have already wilted, and they have no chance of reviving them.

While planting always involves trial and error, it doesn’t have to be that way all the time, especially if you’ve invested a lot of money in your bonsai collection. Keep reading below to find out what not to do when looking after a small tree. 

Don’t Overwater Your Bonsai

Like your plants and flowers, the amount of water you give your bonsai should involve an appropriate amount. While you often find yourself watering your garden daily, that shouldn’t be the case for your mini trees.

If you recently bought a bonsai online, it’s likely that your tree is still using the same soil and pot from the store. It indicates that there’s still adequate water found in the soil, so if you water your bonsai, there’s a huge chance it will impact its roots, causing it to rot and die.

Owning miniature trees means knowing the proper bonsai pots to use to prevent your plants from drowning due to too much water. You should repot them into a well-draining container to keep their roots free from becoming too soaked.

Don’t Forget to Use Fertiliser

The difference between a regular-sized tree and a bonsai is that you can find a tree growing on the ground, so its roots can dig deeper into the earth and locate multiple sources of nutrients. Meanwhile, a miniature tree cannot do the same because they’re inside a pot and have limited sources.

It’s in your hands how well a bonsai can thrive because it can only acquire nutrients from its soil, nothing more, nothing less. That’s why you have to water them when necessary and apply other techniques to encourage their growth.

One essential way to help your bonsai tree thrive is to use fertiliser to provide additional supplements, serving as the nutrients they must consume to live. Failing to provide fertiliser to your miniature tree could lead it to wilt before long.

Don’t Leave Your Bonsai Indoors

Bonsai trees come in a wide array of species. Since you keep them in pots, you can assume that all of them can thrive inside the house. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, especially if you have a juniper bonsai, among other outdoor trees.

You shouldn’t leave bonsai trees that are destined to grow outdoors in your home or office. Unlike indoor bonsai, outdoor plants require sunlight daily to keep growing. They also go through periods of rest, which take place during colder seasons. 

When you buy bonsai plants, and you fail to remember what kind of trees they are, you risk the chances of witnessing them die in just a couple of weeks. To avoid unwanted incidents, you should ask the seller if the tree you’re interested in getting is an indoor or outdoor bonsai.


Taking care of bonsai trees doesn’t require hard work, so long as you know what to do from the beginning. Aside from that, you should remember the things to avoid, such as overwatering them, failing to provide fertiliser, and leaving your outdoor bonsai inside your house. If you’re new to maintaining mini trees, you should get a bonsai starter kit to give you an easy time understanding how to care for your bonsai. Are you looking to buy bonsai trees for sale in Australia? Bonsai Shop offers bonsai kits, pots, tools, and accessories for interested customers. Browse through our catalogue to find what you like!