With a thick trunk and colourful leaves, the Trident Maple bonsai tree is one of the most popular bonsai sought after by many enthusiasts and collectors. In general, it is also considered a very sturdy plant that can withstand harsh conditions. Thus, it’s not difficult to care for, primarily since it responds well to almost any bonsai technique.

But despite its hardy disposition, of course, it still needs proper care. So if you’re interested in the idea of growing your own Trident Maple bonsai tree, here are three essential care tips you must always keep in mind.


1. Mind the Placement of Your Bonsai Tree

The Trident Maple bonsai tree is a bonsai, not a houseplant. Thus, it will not thrive if you keep it sheltered inside your home all the time. Because this miniature tree falls under the outdoor plant category, it would be beneficial if you’d place it somewhere it can receive enough sunlight in the morning and adequate shade in the afternoon.

Experts say it’s also better to let a Trident Maple bonsai tree stay outside all year long. Because just like most bonsai trees, it needs proper winterisation, which means that it has to go dormant during cold seasons.


2. Protect it from Frost During its Dormancy

Indeed, it’s vital for a Trident Maple bonsai tree to be exposed to low temperatures to go dormant. However, it also requires ample protection from frost. For this reason, experts recommend that, instead of planting them outside before winter comes, it would be better to place them in a cold room.

In this way, you can rest assured that your bonsai tree can safely go through its dormant period without having to worry about frost problems. And once the winter season passes, you can just move it back to its original spot.


3. Always Check the Soil Before Watering

In general, watering a Trident Maple bonsai tree must be done almost every day. But since these types of plants are vulnerable to diseases when overwatered, a good rule of thumb to follow is to check on the condition of the soil before watering.

At the most basic level, you must not let the soil of your bonsai tree dry out completely. So if you’ve noticed that the soil looks stale and dry, then it’s a sign that your bonsai needs water. Just always be careful not to soak the soil too much, as waterlogging can be detrimental to the health and wellness of your bonsai tree.



Truth be told, the Trident Maple bonsai tree is not at all as high-maintenance as other types of bonsai plants. This is the reason why it is considered an excellent choice for people who are just starting out in collecting and caring for bonsai trees. With that said, there’s really no need to overthink anything, as it only requires basic care. Additionally, if you perpetually heed and follow the tips listed above, you’re unlikely to face any problem growing a Trident Maple bonsai.

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