Bonsai are tiny plants known in many cultures across Asia and the Americas. There are numerous types of bonsai in the market, so different pots and trays are available to suit them all. 

Bonsai trees, much like any plant, need something to hold them, such as bonsai pots and trays. The size of the bonsai pot is relative to the tree’s size, so a bigger one requires a larger pot, and a smaller one needs a tiny pot. Getting the right size for your bonsai tree is crucial to ensuring proper growth and drainage. 


Why Pot Size Matters

Different bonsai pots are created from different regions, and they usually come in different sizes and colours. How you choose a pot depends on the bonsai’s size and height and may even depend on its own variety. 

There are diverse sources of pots since most countries globally now produce them, and online retailers also offer bonsai pots, but it’s up to you to confirm their legitimacy. Prices generally depend on the size and types of pots.

The bonsai tree’s size determines the type and size of pot to use. Tiny bonsai pots go well with small plants like cactus and succulents, while larger pots are best for plant sizes between zebra plants and Aspidistra. It’s best to stick with the right size instead of sizing up for a smaller plant.


Choosing the Right Pots

Bonsai pots with trays that suit your surroundings prevent a mismatch in decor. If you have a poor colour selection, you can produce an ugly scene. Some plant owners also choose glass pots instead of traditional pots, which are more expensive and might just make your garden look artificial than natural.


The Right Color and Shape of Bonsai Trays

Many bonsai trees like maple change colours as it goes through different stages, so being aware of these colour changes lets you determine the right colour and shape for that particular bonsai tree. Choose a pot colour that does not clash with the foliage colour. 

Bonsai pots and trays come in different shapes and sizes, including square, round, rectangle and some even come as ornate pots. However, the latter doesn’t really fit well with bonsai trees since they take away the attention from the bonsai. 

The size of your pots and trays should not exceed the length of the bonsai’s most extended branch. The depth should be just around the width of the trunk. The primary thing you need to consider is that the pot or tray should have good drainage as bonsai roots can rot if the soil gets water-logged. 

The shape of your bonsai is also factored in when deciding which pots and trays are your best options. Generally, bonsai plants are upright, root over rock or cascading. Pots are usually shallow since the roots need regular pruning and a deep pot isn’t fit for that purpose. 



Bonsai pots are vital in the growth and health of a bonsai tree. Poorly selecting pots can only lead to the bonsai’s poor growth. So, you need to pay attention to the pot size to ensure that your bonsai tree grows healthily and adequately.

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