Do you have a bonsai tree in your home, and you’re eager to see its growth? Don’t worry; we are here to help you make your bonsai tree grow faster.

As you know, growing bonsai trees requires skills, commitment and patience. Fortunately, you can do things to speed up the process so you can have a grown-up bonsai tree in just a small amount of time. Just follow these tips to make your bonsai tree grow quickly:


Tip #1: Start with a Sapling

Instead of planting a seed to have a bonsai tree, consider starting with a sapling. A sapling is a young tree with a thinner trunk. You don’t have to wait for years only to see a slight growth from the seed you’ve planted. You can just look for a sapling and start growing your bonsai tree from there. 

When choosing a sapling for your bonsai tree, select the one that is already growing in a 1-gallon container. Why? Because trees of that size typically have a more mature root system and a thicker trunk already. Take note that the root system and the trunk are the ones that take years to grow. So, if you want to make your bonsai tree grow faster, skip that process by starting with a sapling. 


Tip #2: Choose a Fast-Growing Tree Species

One effective way to make your bonsai grow faster is to choose a fast-growing tree species. You can select Chinese junipers, Japanese black pines, boxwood shrubs, jade plants, snowdrop trees, or maple trees, as these species can develop their roots, trunk and branches more quickly. If you choose these types of trees, you can shed years off the bonsai growth process. 


Tip #3: Always Maintain Your Trees’ Roots

An unhealthy root can slow down the plant’s growing process. If you don’t prune the roots of your bonsai, the container they’re in can become saturated with roots, and the soil will dry out quicker. If that’s the case, the health of your plant may decline, leading to a slow growth process. 

So, to prevent that from happening, you should always trim your plant’s roots to ensure that it remains healthy. If your plant is healthy, it will continue to grow at a fast pace. 


Tip #4: Make the Trunk of Your Bonsai Tree Thicker ASAP

When growing a bonsai tree, you have to know that the thicker the trunk, the more it can support your entire tree against elements, and the more it can transport water and nutrients to the foliage and move carbohydrates from the leaves to the roots. That’s why you should make the trunk of your bonsai tree thicker as soon as possible because that can make your tree grow faster.

You can do that by splitting your bonsai trunk into halves and using wires to keep them separated as they heal. You can also utilise the merging technique, wherein you use several saplings to make your trunk thicker. 



Making your bonsai tree grow doesn’t have to take you years. You can make the growing process fast just by following the tips we mentioned here. However, you need to understand that growing a bonsai tree will really require your patience and commitment. But it’s really worth the wait once you see how beautiful your bonsai art turns out. 

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