Bonsai trees are a great addition to any indoor room, adding a touch of colour to spaces that need some brightening up. You can grow your own bonsai tree right in your own home with the proper pot to keep your plant safe. Using the right pot will help cultivate your bonsai into a healthy and beautiful tree. 

When choosing a bonsai pot, you need to remember a few guidelines. Here are some things you need to consider when selecting your bonsai pots. 

1. Remember the Two-Thirds Rule

The two-thirds rule is all about determining the size of your pot. Ideally, you would like it to be about two-thirds of the height of your bonsai tree. Some trees have a different height-to-width ratio. If they’re much smaller, measure the tree right at its roots.

The idea here is that your bonsai pots should be big enough to give your tree roots room to breathe. Therefore, the bigger your tree’s foliage, the bigger your pots need to be. Essentially, you don’t want the roots to cramp together under the soil after a while.


2. Determine the Sex of the Tree

Bonsai trees have masculine and feminine qualities. If you can determine the sex of your bonsai tree, it will help you choose the right pot for your bonsai. The sex of the tree will determine the shape of its growth over time. When picking a pot, you want one that can accommodate the size of the bonsai as it grows.

Typically, masculine trees have thicker trunks and denser branches. They are more firm compared to feminine trees, with feminine trees having curvier trunks and smoother barks in contrast.

As a rule of thumb, pots for masculine trees need to be more sturdy to hold a heavier bark. On the other hand, feminine trees will need pots to keep their curvy limbs balanced and supported.


3. Choose the Right Pot Material

Finally, the most important aspect of choosing your own bonsai tree pot is finding the right material for it. There are many types of bonsai pots that you can choose from, such as terracotta, porcelain, wood, and more.

Depending on your aesthetic preference and the interior design of your room, look for a bonsai pot that you believe will best reflect the space well. Most people prefer using ceramic pots to help bonsai arrangements look classy and polished. 

You can opt for plastic pots for smaller bonsai trees as they don’t require strong material. Another popular option is the mica, which helps stabilise temperature around the bonsai roots to grow healthier.

Whichever pot design you end up choosing, make sure that it serves functionally and aesthetically. Selecting a suitable material will make all the difference when cultivating your bonsai tree.



Bonsai trees need nourishment and care as much as other trees, but they have to live in comfortable homes. Finding the right pot for your bonsai tree will help it grow to its full potential. A bonsai tree can survive for a long time, which is why you need to find a pot that can withstand the elements alongside it.

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