Growing a Bonsai is not that easy. You need to have dedication, patience, and commitment in order to produce a thriving and flourishing one. Fortunately, fertilisers exist to significantly help your Bonsai to survive and thrive. You just need to know how to do it properly to avoid over-applying it. 

Growing the Bonsai itself is already hard enough, so we won’t make this guide complicated for you. Here, we will tackle how you can fertilise your Bonsai properly for your Bonsai to get the proper nutrients it only needs.

Let’s get to it! 


When Is the Perfect Time to Apply Fertiliser?

How often you should apply fertiliser depends on many factors, including your Bonsai’s species, time of year, stage of development, and health. Regardless of these variables, most Bonsai trees should be fertilised during the entire growing season in early spring through mid-fall.

Since fertiliser application depends on a tree’s health and stage development, older and more mature trees are often fertilised less frequently. However, you can fertilise them all year round if you’re dealing with indoor trees. 


What Kind of Fertilisers Should You Put in Your Bonsai?

As you know, there are numerous kinds of fertilisers available in the market, and you may find it overwhelming figuring out which product you should use. Nevertheless, note that various factors will also affect what kind of fertiliser you should choose. 

Let’s take a look at outdoor Bonsai, for example. With outdoor Bonsai, you need to use different fertilisers every season. During spring, your fertiliser should contain relatively high Nitrogen content. By summer, you need to give them a more balanced fertiliser, and once Autumn arrives, you should only put a low nitrogen fertiliser in your Bonsai. Finally, you have to slowly decrease the amount you apply towards the end of the growing season. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry much about the season if you have indoor Bonsai. Since they grow year-round, they need to be fertilised consistently. With indoor Bonsai, it’s best to use a balanced liquid fertiliser like the Bonsai Fertiliser -Seaweed Secrets from the Bonsai Shop. 

Remember, choosing the right fertiliser for your Bonsai plants and applying the right quantity will significantly impact how your Bonsai will turn out. Regardless of what type of fertiliser you use, make sure to carefully follow the application guidelines as stated on the product’s packaging. 


How Much Fertiliser Should You Put?

The amount of fertiliser and the frequency you should apply it varies depending on which fertiliser you buy. That’s why you should carefully read the instructions on the fertiliser’s packaging before doing anything to ensure that you’re feeding your Bonsai plants correctly. If you’ve failed to read the instructions, you might overfeed your trees. Overfeeding your Bonsai will have serious consequences for their health, so make sure to avoid this from happening. 



While fertilisers can make your Bonsai healthy and thriving, they cannot do their purpose if you don’t apply them properly. Instead of helping your Bonsai plants survive and thrive, incorrect fertiliser application can only worsen your plants. Make sure to keep this guide in mind, and don’t forget to read instructions before applying them to your Bonsai plants. 

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