It is important to have the right tools and accessories to grow your own Bonsai. A Bonsai toolset can be full of all sorts of equipment, but it doesn’t have to be. Some people do their best to repurpose existing tools; others end up buying more tools than they use. Having what’s essential as a basic starter will already go a long way.


Bonsai Tools

There’s a wide range of qualities and prices where Bonsai tools are concerned. Getting the best quality will require a bit of investment. Many beginners wonder why there seems to be a particular price point for Bonsai tools in particular compared to those used for gardening. In truth, it’s largely because professional toolmakers specially craft them. Bonsai tools are all handmade, with designs that were refined over centuries.

Aside from paying for the craftsmanship, time and expert knowledge, the whole industry gains support through the purchases. Many people swear that it’s most logical to just splurge on good quality tools once, instead of buying more affordable ones but having to make several purchases.

Here are some vital Bonsai tools and accessories:

Pruning Scissors

Light pruning, which is often necessary, is the most frequent maintenance, and a good pair of pruning scissors will likely be used the most frequently. It’s important to have pruning scissors on-hand before anything else. Shaping is also done with these tools. Small twigs and removing leaves lightly is the most common use of these; they have a tendency to grow back very quickly.

While it can be tempting to choose from the many designs available, the ideal step to take is getting an all-round pair. It’s important to have pruning scissors that are comfortable to use and light to the touch. An elegant design, a fine level of precision and easy access to places that are hard to reach will go a long way.

Root Rake

When re-potting Bonsai, the soil and roots have to be separated. Achieving this is done best through a root rake. Take note of the size when buying, as several are available.


This may be self-explanatory, but in the context of Bonsai, it bears further explanation. It comes into play when there are stubborn roots and branches that have to be addressed. Ideally, a fine-tooth folding saw will get the job done and afford portability at the same time. It’s also helpful when marking out an area that needs a cat alongside foraging for cuttings.

Wiring Kit

Some Bonsai kits will already have wire cutters and wires included. Not to worry, as it’s fairly easy to buy the wire separately. It’s usually used to train branches or trunks to grow in a particular way. Beginners benefit from this since it’s great for keeping the good form of a tree.



Growing a Bonsai is becoming more and more popular these days. Many people tend to get overwhelmed when gathering tools and accessories. Investing in a good set of the basics is ideal, such as a wiring kit, root rake and saw will go a long way.

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