One of the primary reasons why bonsai plants are so popular is because it allows you to grow a tree indoors even if you live in a climate that is adverse for a tree. You have full control over its growth and size and can see the results of your labour as you watch the tree grow in front of you.

From a visual perspective, you will be able to witness the beauty of this living sculpture unfold daily. You will be the centre of admirers when the seasons change. The interplay of light and shadow can fill you with wonder and delight.

But what kind of bonsai should you get? There are many kinds and ones that are perfect for an indoor environment. Today, let’s explore the best kinds to grow inside your home.

Here is your guide to finding the best indoor bonsai plant:



Ficus Bonsai are the most popular and the most recommended for beginners. They are easy to grow and can be trained in a versatile manner. They can look like an upside-down bonsai or be tied to creating artistic designs.

The best part is that they grow easily indoors and need minimal care. They are tolerant of harsh conditions and can even tolerate indirect sunlight. They live for a very long time with proper care, so you can truly enjoy this experience with them for a long time.


Chinese Elm

The Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree is another popular and commonly found bonsai. Unlike most other bonsai trees that feature a single trunk, this one has a thick trunk and a spread root system. This makes it a good option for beginners since it has a very forgiving shape.

It also features pebbled bark and is resistant to pests, making it a very easy plant to grow. It is easiest under bright indirect light, but it can also tolerate low light. The Chinese Elm is also resilient to temperature changes, so a chilly environment is no problem for this bonsai.



Carmona, or “Vinca”, is a common shrub, and it’s pretty much the official houseplant of the United States. If you live in a hot and humid environment, this is the best indoor bonsai choice for you. It will easily adapt to a less than ideal environment and your living room.

The Carmona bonsai tree is very forgiving and easy to shape. It has a spread root system, so you can style it in any way you want. It also features a dark green leaf and a symmetrical shape.


Dwarf Jade

The Jade Bonsai tree is one of the most popular and commonly used bonsai trees. They are easy to care for and can be trained to grow in various styles. They grow very slowly, with some specimens taking up to 40 years to grow.

They are resilient to the outdoor climates, so the indoor environments do not bother them. They are also very tolerant to a wide range of temperatures, making them an excellent plant for beginners. They are best grown in partly shaded areas.


The Bottom Line

Bonsai plants are something to be treasured and admired. As you take on the challenge of growing one in your living room, they will reward you with years of beauty and wonder. Now that you know the best indoor bonsai plants, you’re ready to bring one home and start growing it. Just make sure to look at the tips above.

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