The right pot makes all the difference. When your Bonsai tree is in its original planting container, its roots won’t grow outward. Instead, they’re going to grow downward in search of the “perfect” environment. The soil in your Bonsai pot has a particular consistency, which allows for developing the ideal root structure. When the tree is removed from its pot and exposed to the air, it will continue seeking the perfect environment, so the roots will begin growing into the soil surrounding the pot.

Today, let’s explore a few things you need to know to choose the right pot for your bonsai. Here’s what you need to consider:



Your bonsai is the showpiece that you’re going to display proudly, so the pot is the centrepiece of your display. It’s the “crown jewel” of your collection, so choosing the right one is highly prioritised. However, it’s also essential to get the size of the pot right. One that’s too big will overwhelm your bonsai, giving it a “shrink-wrapped” look. It also risks drowning the tree in too much moisture, quickly killing it.

On the other end of the spectrum, a too-small pot is an aesthetic problem. It may look “cute,” but it does not favour your bonsai. It’s also entirely possible that your bonsai will grow out of a too-small pot.



For your display, you want to look for a pot that will suit the overall look of your collection. Uniformity is essential, especially if you’re going to display your Bonsai collection in one room. It’s also better for your plants if you choose a pot that will be easy to maintain and easy to rotate when you need to. Look for a pot with drainage holes that won’t allow the roots to become waterlogged.



There are several different material options to choose from, but the one you’ll want to look for is ceramic. It’s the most common, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding that type. It’s also durable, so it’s unlikely that you’ll have to replace your pot soon.

There’s another type of pot that you can use as an alternative to ceramic: plastic. The advantage of plastic is that they’re lighter in weight, but they’re also more likely to break. However, if you’re willing to take the chance, you can easily find them in almost any colour.



Colour matters to a lot of people, and it’s completely understandable. If you want to display your Bonsai collection in one room, you’ll want to choose pots that compliment each other. You can also choose coloured pots to match the decor in the room.



While you want to choose a pot that complements the others, there’s something to be said about choosing one that doesn’t fit in with the standard shapes you see. You can use this as an opportunity to display your unique sense of style, and your bonsai will recall memories if it’s not something you’ve seen before.


The Bottom Line

Picking the right pot for your bonsai is easier to do when you know your options. Take the time to visit a speciality store, or even a garden centre, to see what they have on hand. You’ll also want to make sure that you know how to care for your new pot because it will help protect it, and it will offer the best chance of keeping your bonsai happy and healthy.

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