Every bonsai tree is a work of art. It’s only fitting that these artful arrangements go on artful pots. To complement the intricate bonsai plants, bonsai pots come with their unique designs, origins and details. Most of the time, these qualities result in higher prices for bonsai pots.

If you’re wondering why some bonsai pots tend to be more expensive than others, here are some influential factors you must know about.


1. Master Craftsmanship

The way bonsai pots are handmade contributes to their individual prices. This has to do with the fact that it requires both a lot of skill and talent to make a bonsai pot. It’s not a simple task to carve a bonsai pot that fits a bonsai tree. This is why bonsai pots made by master carvers are always more expensive than those made by beginners.

The price may be so high depending on which kind of material was used to make the pot and if the pot was hand-carved or made with a 3D printer or lathes.


2. Material Used

The same goes for bonsai pots with varying materials. As with master carvers, highly-regarded and renowned designers have their own design sense and formula for bonsai pots. Different from carvers, however, these bonsai pot designers use materials that may also be seen as rare.


3. Size of the Pot

The size is also a factor that decides the price. Typically, the larger the size, the more expensive the pot. The reason for this is obvious—more material is used in big pots. Also, skilled labour is needed to make bigger pots compared to small pots.


4. Rarity of the Design

Another factor that contributes to the price of bonsai pots is design. Some bonsai pots offer designs that are hard to come by. If the pot comes from an exclusive place, it will be more expensive than a pot with a standard design.

The artistry of the design also plays a role in determining the price. If the design is unique and beautiful, it will be more expensive than the typical designs.


5. Age of the Pot

Just like other collectibles, older pots are more valuable than new pots. Though it may also depend on the design and material used, age also plays an important role.

The price of the pot will be based on the condition of the pot. It’s deemed to have a higher price if the pot is in good condition and if there are no obvious signs of wear and tear.


6. Design Expertise of the Artist

The artist who created the pot design also has a hand in determining the price of the pot. There are famous bonsai pot designers whose names may not be as popular as their work, but that doesn’t mean they are not known in the bonsai pot industry. They may have more experience than others, which means they can make great designs that cater to the needs of their customers.


Final Thoughts

It’s not enough that you have a bonsai tree; you also need the right pot to complement the bonsai tree. To do that, you need to know how to buy bonsai pots. When you’re buying a bonsai pot, consider the things mentioned above. The fact that a bonsai pot is the one to hold your beautiful bonsai tree is enough reason for it to be an important purchase.

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