Whether you live in a studio-type condominium or a high-ceiling home, one thing is for sure – you need plants to help make your home look fresh.

One of the best options you have if your home needs an added touch of freshness while maintaining an elegant look is to bring in a Bonsai tree.

In this post, Bonsai Shop shares what you need to know about adding Bonsai to your home:


How Can You Decorate Your Home with Bonsai?

If you have a home that looks a little empty, you can use Bonsai to fill in the empty spaces and complement your home’s design. Here are some ideas:


As an Outdoor Piece

Whether you have a garden or a porch, bonsai can be placed as an outdoor decoration piece. Bonsai are made to withstand certain weather conditions, so they are the perfect option for an outdoor decoration piece.

This can also be a great addition to your backyard if you have a Japanese-inspired garden or if you want to maintain a Zen-like atmosphere in your backyard.


For Your Modern Interior

Bonsai can also be used as an interior decoration piece. Bonsai works well in large living rooms that are mostly devoid of furniture. Additionally, Bonsai works well in offices that either need some freshness or have a Zen-like atmosphere.


As a Corner Plant

Bonsai can be placed in corners of rooms because they do not require too much sunlight. A corner Bonsai is an excellent addition to any room because it adds elegance and an air of tranquility to the space. Because corners are typically tricky to decorate, a Bonsai is a fool-proof way to ensure you get your styling right.


As a Table Centrepiece

Bonsai can also be used as a table centrepiece. The elegant, small shape of Bonsai makes it a good option for a table decoration piece. This can be a great addition to formal dinners or gatherings.


How to Take Care of Your Bonsai Tree

Like all other plants, Bonsai trees need to be taken care of to stay healthy and enjoy your time with them.


Here are some things you need to know about keeping a Bonsai tree:


The Most Important Thing: Water

As mentioned above, Bonsai trees should be watered regularly to keep the plant healthy. You should usually water the Bonsai tree every day.

Bonsai trees tend to have a small, shallow root system, so they do not have a lot of reserve water to last for days. This means that if you forget to water the Bonsai tree for a few days, it will wither quickly.

It is best to water the Bonsai tree from the top. You should therefore use a small watering can rather than a large bucket.


The Right Spot

Bonsai trees do not require a lot of light, so you can place them anywhere you want in the house. However, the Bonsai tree will appreciate being placed in the sun for a few hours every day, preferably at the same time every day.


Rich Soil

There are different  types of soil created explicitly for growing bonsai trees. Every kind of bonsai needs a different type of soil, and your local bonsai shop can help you figure out which soil would be appropriate for your bonsai tree.



Whether you have an empty corner, a small house, or just want to improve your ZEN, adding a Bonsai tree to your house can instantly add elegance and personality to your home. Additionally, you can use the same Bonsai for years to come if you maintain it well.

If you want to add a touch of elegance and freshness to your home,  a Bonsai tree is your best bet. Bonsai Shop in Australia can provide you with all your Bonsai needs. From Bonsai tree kits to fertilizers and more, you can find it at Bonsai Shop. Check out our products today!