Bonsai are little trees that are planted in shallow containers. However, this traditional Japanese ritual dates back over 1,000 years and encompasses more than gardening. Bonsai is a Japanese art form that aims to create a small representation of the natural world, encapsulating simplicity, harmony, and balance in a single specimen.

Enjoy this fast guide to 10 often-asked beginning bonsai questions, and then get your green thumb to work by checking bonsai plants for sale. 

What Type of Tree Is Bonsai? 

Bonsai is not a specific sort of tree; any plant may be made into a bonsai by restricting root growth and soil availability and cutting it to inhibit upward growth. You can achieve the amazing shapes and styles that bonsai is known for by planting in a shallow container, trimming and pruning, and providing appropriate nutrients.

Are Bonsai Trees Simple to Maintain?

Bonsai isn’t delicate, even though it must be grown in extremely specific conditions. While some trees require more attention than others, the fundamentals of bonsai tree maintenance apply to all varieties. You’ll learn to intuit your tree needs by keeping a close eye on it. 

What Should I Look for in a Bonsai?

Before you buy your first bonsai, there are a few questions you should ask yourself: Where are you going to get it (garden centre or specialty bonsai nursery)? How can you know if it’s healthy and the correct plant for your location? Which species will be the most beneficial to you? And, more importantly, how much will it cost?

What Type of Bonsai Pot Do I Need?

It’s important not to overlook the bonsai pot. It’s critical to have the correct container for two reasons: 1) It slows down the growth rate. 2) It is an important component of the “bonsai” aesthetic. Juvenile bonsai require shallow training pots with ample drainage holes and wire attachment points. The real fun begins when they reach adulthood! You’ll select a container that embodies harmony and balance while complementing your tree’s masculine and feminine features

Which Bonsai Tree Is Best for Beginners?

While any bonsai can grow with proper care, some are more tolerant than others. While you’re getting started, look for trees that are sturdy, low-maintenance, or simple to train. Juniper, Fukien tea, ficus, and Chinese elm are a few of our favourites. These beginner-friendly kinds are ideal starter plants as you learn more about bonsai care.

Is Bonsai Harmful to the Tree?

Bonsai is a gentle art form. Bonsai procedures are similar to hedge trimming or growing houseplants in that they do not harm the tree in any way. On the other hand, Bonsai trees receive far more gentle, loving care than trees in the wild. Trimming, pruning, and repotting aren’t damaging to your tree; they’re what keep it robust and healthy for years (and years!) to come.

Can Bonsai Trees Survive Outside?

All trees, including bonsai trees, want to be outside! However, you can’t just place any variety in your garden; it must be compatible with the local outside elements. Bonsai that grow in hotter climates may not be suited to the colder climates—and vice versa! Before buying an outdoor bonsai, make sure you have enough sunlight, water, moisture, and temperature for that particular tree.

Can Bonsai Trees Survive in an Indoor Environment?

Despite their little stature, Bonsai trees are still trees, and they like to spend the majority of their time outside. However, if you can supply the correct conditions, several species are well-suited to indoor cultivation. Tropical and subtropical plants enjoy higher temperatures all year, and those that need less sunlight and lower humidity are especially suited to indoor existence. Ficus bonsai, Carmona, Schefflera, Chinese elm, snow rose, and jade are all good choices.


A Bonsai tree may live for decades or more if properly cared for. Many of the ancient Bonsai on display worldwide have lived for hundreds of years, with the oldest estimated to be over 800 years old. That Bonsai in Australia you buy now could become a heritage, passed down through the years and cherished by future generations.

It’s no surprise that Bonsai trees have become such popular worldwide companions! Bringing one into your life instantly transforms you into a thing of beauty, power, and love.

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