Bonsai Fertiliser – Seaweed Secrets 1 Litre

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This Bonsai fertiliser is completely organic and provides all the nutrients your bonsai will need. It is an organic seaweed concentrate with added fulvic acid.

Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser is incredibly good for your trees – this uses 2mL per Litre of water, so 1L of concentrate makes 500 litres of fertiliser. Enough to last a good while, so it is incredibly good value!

Can be used effectively soaking trees in buckets or tubs. It can also be used as a spray on foliage.

It can be used on any Bonsai or tree at any time of year! Natives, exotics, will really improve flowering and fruiting.

Composition N: 1-0.5% P:0.01-0.5% K: 4% includes magnesium 0.2%, calcium <0.2%, boron <25ppm, sulphur 0.5%, iron <0.4%, copper 0.2ppm, zinc 0.1%, selenium 0.9ppm, molybdenum 70ppm, flouride<10ppm, iodine 240ppm, fulvic acid, cykotonins 300-600ppm, vitamins >100ppm and over 60 micronutrients, and17 amino acids.

pH of 6-8

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6 reviews for Bonsai Fertiliser - Seaweed Secrets 1 Litre

  1. Tarquin

    Recommend to all.

  2. Tony

    quality products super fast shipping cheers

  3. Peter

    Arrived safely It look good thank you. Very fast delivery

  4. Michael

    Great range prompt shipping
    Very helpful people great knowing I can ask for assistance anytime

  5. Patricia

    Look forward to using this fertilizer new to me very prompt delivery, packaged to perfection. many thanks.

  6. Matt

    Excellent quality product with a super fast delivery and perfect communication

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