Fukien Tea Flowering Bonsai Tree Starter – Medium


IMPORTANT: Please be advised that due to quarantine restrictions, trees cannot be sent to Western Australia, Tasmania, or New Zealand. If you are in any of these areas and order a tree you will be refunded. Bonsai Shop apologises for any inconvenience this may cause

Carmona Retusa (Fukien Tea) are petite and charming trees that develop small hanging berries and stunning white flowers. They have woody bark branches which helps set off their deep green leaves. Being deciduous, they also show great character during their dormancy making them great all year round. Flowers are white and star-shaped, with five petals arranged in a circular pattern around a central stamen. The stamen is tipped with a bright yellow anther that produces the plant’s pollen.

After the flowers have been pollinated, they eventually wither and fall off the plant. In their place, small, green fruit will begin to develop. These fruit will gradually grow larger and change color as they mature. When the fruit is fully ripe, it will be a dark, almost black color and will have a soft, fleshy texture.
Such amazing little trees to have for making Bonsai!

This starter is supplied in a 140mm pot and is ready to be trimmed wired and shaped for future potting.


Optional extras are available as shown. You may add:

100gram bonsai shaping wire (selected for the tree) for $4 (RRP $6.95)
HANZO Carbon Steel Scissors for $19 (RRP $59)
500gram Bonsai Booster Fertiliser for $6 (RRP $6.95)
Bonsai Master figurine (selected randomly from range) for $9 (RRP $15 ea.)

Pictures are illustrative. Stock varies dependent on tree development and seasonal variation.

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